Lightworks 14.0.0

Edit and master digital video files in various formats
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Lightworks is a non-linear video editor that can produce high-quality results. In this regard, the application supports creating videos to broadcast using commercial standards, such as SD, HD, 2K, and 4K. One of the characteristics that make this tool different from others of the same kind is its very customizable interface. Thus, instead of fixed or dockable panels, the working space is similar to a canvas in which multiple windows float. In addition, many buttons and options are sensitive to the context, so they may come and go depending on the scenario. What´s more, you can use keyboard layouts that are specific to the type of task.

Lightworks allows doing almost anything involving video. It supports working with timeline and keyframes when you’re cutting, pasting, and merging video segments. Moreover, it lets you work on the video and audio tracks of each source separately. In addition, you can use it to add various subsequent effects, such as transitions and color correction. Unluckily, it doesn’t seem to be good for such text-related operations as subtitling and captioning. Fortunately, you don´t have to worry about losing your work because the tool is continuously saving every step you take.

The editor allows importing video from any available source, such as tapes or digital media. Moreover, if you´re using video files as source, you may be glad to know that most formats are supported. Likewise, it allows editing out to tape and exporting to various media and camera formats as well as converting to targets like Blu-ray, DVD, Vimeo, and YouTube. Unfortunately, most of these target formats are not available in the free version of the program.

All in all, Lightworks is absolutely an option to consider for practically any type of video editing tasks, regardless their complexity and extension. This editor certainly doesn´t have all the features present in the top leading products of this kind; however, it provides you with the means to achieve comparable results. Besides, the tool has versions for all operating systems, which minimizes compatibility issues and flattens the learning curve. If it were not for the fact that its free version allows exporting only directly to YouTube and Vimeo using standard definition formats, the program could definitely be the top choice for anyone who is working on a tight budget.

Pedro Castro
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  • Its interface is highly customizable.
  • It has plenty of features.
  • It is fast.
  • It saves your work automatically.
  • It supports multiple formats.
  • It has versions for all operating systems.
  • It can import from multiple sources.
  • It can export to various targets.


  • It can be difficult to use at first.
  • The help documentation is rather limited.
  • The ability to work with captions and subtitles is rather limited.
  • The free version does not allow exporting in high definition.
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